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Chaina Town
- Hotel 1929
- Hotel81 - Chinatown
- New Majestic Hotel
Geylang Seral
- Fragrance Pearl Hotel
- Fragrance Ruby Hotel
- Hotel81 - Star
Orchard Road
- Regent Hotel
Sentosa Island
- Sentosa Resort & Spa
Quays Along The River
- Copthorne King's Hotel
Arab Stree & Little India
- Fragrance Selegie Hotel

Recommended Place
- Universal Studios
- Orchard Road

Shopping Tips

Shopping hours and product guides

A good many stores and some smaller shops are open daily from I O.OOam to about 9.OOpm or even 10.00pm. Check out the local newspaper for current sales and promotions. A detailed listing of shops for specific items can be found in the Buying Guide directory placed in most hotel rooms, or you could visit

Shop tax free

Tax Free ShoppingPrices of most products in Singapore include a 5% Goods and ServIcesTax (GST).The minimum purchase amount to qualify for a refund ranges between SGD 300 and SGD 500. Under the Global Refund GST
refund scheme, when you spend a minimum of SGD I 00 at any single store displaying the "TAX FREE SHOPPING" logo, you will receive a Global Refund Cheque.
A minimum of SGD 300 in total value of Global Refund Cheques is needed to qualify for a CST refund. The cheques can be accumulated from different shops, for example, three Global Refund Cheques of SGD I 00 each issued by three different shops.

Here are three simple steps to claim your GST refunds under -  the Global Refund scheme before you leave the country:

1.Obtain a completed Global Refund Cheque from the retailer when you make your purchase.You need to present your passport. Refund cheques are issued for purchases of SGD 100 and above.To qualify for a GST refund, you need to spend at least SGD 300.This amount can be accumulated from different shops.

2.Validate your cheques at customs counters located before and after "Immigration" at the Singapore Changi Airport. Remember to attach your purchases and receipts together with your cheques.

3.Claim your CST refunds in cash, credit card payments or bank cheques at the Global Refund counters. A small handling fee will be deducted from the CST amount.

Brochures on the Global Refund services are available at the airport, selected hotels and shopping centres. Global Refund may be contacted at:

Global RefundGlobal Refund (Singapore) Pte Ltd Robinson Road Post Office
PO. Box 639 Singapore 901239 Hotline: (65) 6225 6238
Fax: (65) 6225 577


Retailers that are not affiliates of the Global Refund scheme administer their own GST refund. You are advised to check with these retailers on the minimum purchase amount required to qualify for a refund, as it varies from retailer to retailer.

Prices and bargains

The local newspapers will give you a fair idea of prices to expect.The next best thing to do would be a quick price comparison within the shopping mall. You're bound to find the same item sold in several outlets within the complex. In department stores, all items come with price tags and fixed prices are the rule. Many small retailers also practise price tagging but are often flexible when approached for a discount on the goods.Askthe retailer for his "best price" and then counter-offer with realistic prices until both of you reach a mutual agreement.


CaseTrust is an accreditation programme, developed by the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), which recognises good business practices among store-based and web-based business establishments. Establishments belonging to the CaseTrust programme display the CaseTrust logo on their premises or website.You can shop with confidence at these places.Visit for a list of CaseTrust members. Consumers who are in any way dissatisfied with any CaseTrust members can lodge their cases with the CaseTrust Management Committee, which will be able to mediate disputes involving CaseTrust members.The CaseTrust Management Committee can be contacted at:
Case TrustConsumer Association of Singapore (CASE)
Hotline: (65) 6875 1311 Fax: (65) 6463 7048

Credit / charge cards

Almost all stores accept major international credit and charge cards. Should you come across a shop insisting on adding a surcharge, do contact the local office of the card company so that corrective action can be taken.

Money matters

Banks throughout Singapore generally open at 9.30am and dose at 3.30pm Mondays to Fridays, and 9.30am to 11.30am on Saturdays for transactions of travellers' cheques and other financial matters. For convenience, ATM machines are open round-the-clock. Keep a look out for these machines displaying Plus and Cirrus signs at all banks and most shopping centres.

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